Financial Life Planning

The core of our work is Financial Life Planning (FLP), holistic financial planning including income and expense analysis, tax planning, risk management, long-term projections for traditional retirement or financial independence, estate planning, investment planning and implementation, along with on-going help and support to keep you on the right path.

You have 401ks or 403bs, real estate, businesses. You might need to take RMDs or want help helping your kids or causes important to you. You want to direct your resources to meet competing goals as life presents opportunities and puts up roadblocks. Think of this as a journey with an experienced Guide.

FLP is an on-going process to help you manage your financial resources to meet your life’s goals, financial and otherwise, now and in the future. Financial Life Planning starts with your values and what you want out of life, and aligns your resources accordingly.

Financial Plan Review

If you want direction regarding your personal financial position but do not want the on-going support of Financial Life Planning, we offer Financial Plan Reviews. A Financial Plan Review will address the basic components of your financial life: income and expenses, savings, retirement projections, investments, and taxes. The investment plan component under the Financial Plan Review option includes a suggested asset allocation but not necessarily specific investment advice.

Financial Plan Reviews are intended for individuals with basic planning needs who want an initial set of guidelines for implementing their own financial plan. These plans are reduced in scope and may not offer specific investment recommendations. Think of this as a journey with a Map.

Clients with equity compensation, investment properties, business interests, trusts, and college planning needs are better suited for the Firm’s Financial Life Planning service.

Financial Analysis

Money is one of the greatest sources of stress in relationship. We offer consulting to individuals and couples on the financial and tax issues related to marriage and divorce.

Financial analysis for impending marriage or divorce is geared towards helping you manage the financial aspects of a partnership, offering clear information for decision-making:

Should I keep the house? How is the best way for us to split assets? What do you do about equity compensation? The kids’ college?

Should we combine our assets? How do I bring up a pre-nup? What is a co-habitation agreement?

Think of this as a Recalibration of your journey as you embark down a new road.

If you are considering divorce, we can offer you the support and guidance needed as you move forward. This guidance includes organizing your resources, setting out a plan for your next chapter, and protecting your assets in the future, even as you may pursue a new relationship in time.

Pre-marital consults typically include a review of individual assets and liabilities and education on tax and financial matters after marriage.

Investment advice is not provided as part of a pre-marital or divorce consulting engagement. Clients who engage Satori for pre-marital or divorce consulting may work with the Firm in another financial planning capacity only after the pre-marital or divorce engagement has concluded.

If your goals include financial independence, good health and happiness, contact us.