• You are MORE than your portfolio.

    All wealth managers will help you with your investments. But you are so much more than your portfolio. You want financial security AND a full, rich life connected to the people and purposes you love.

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Our Approach

The traditional approach to providing personal financial services — focusing on investments alone at the expense of seeing the big picture — is out-of-date and ignores the increased complexity of financial decision-making today.

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You have questions. Concerns. Fears. Hopes. You know you need to get a handle on your finances. And you’re not sure where to start.

We know you’re busy. Our goal is to help you develop a personal financial strategy that simplifies your financial life, adapts to a changing environment, and aligns your resources with what you value most. Satori offers three main services:

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On-Going Support

Life is better with the right partner. Through Financial Life Planning we work in partnership with you to offer ongoing support to help organize, simplify, and manage your financial life in today’s chaotic world, freeing up your time for really living.

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One-Time Review

If you want an assessment of your current financial position and an initial set of guidelines for implementing your own financial plan, a Financial Review may be for you.

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Financial Analysis

Our goal is to help you craft the life you want. If you’re considering marriage or divorce, you worry about making the right decisions for your future. Financial analysis specific to your situation can help.

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Our Clients Singles and Solos

We relish our work with a diverse group of clients and specialize in financial advice for individuals who want to establish, develop and protect their economic free agency in the world: You want to develop your talents to their fullest and to build financial independence aligned with your values.

  • 60% of clients are single
  • 32% of client households include an entrepreneur, angel investor or other self-employed enterprise
  • 58% of clients are women

Our clients with traditional employers have included those at

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Boeing
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Nordstrom
  • Starbucks
  • University of California
  • University of Washington


Satori is an independent, financial planning-focused advisory firm founded in 2001 to offer personal financial advice without financial industry jargon or a requirement that you already have millions of dollars to invest.

Mural, 38th at Aurora, Seattle

The Firm

Satori Financial is a registered investment advisory firm and operates under a fiduciary standard to put the client’s interest first. As a fee-only firm, we are compensated only for service to you, not for selling particular products or investment strategies.


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The Founder

Michelle started her work in personal finance after careers in investment banking and corporate finance. She was drawn to the analytical puzzle of a financial plan but stayed for the very human desire of clients to use their resources to build meaningful lives.


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What is “Satori”

In ancient Japan, the ruling class of samurai warrior believed that a disciplined, meditative life resulted in the ultimate achievement: enlightenment, or “Satori.” For the Samurai, being focused amid distraction, fearless in the face of threats, and confident in life was the goal.



Whether you are a present or prospective client, or otherwise a Friend of the Firm, our mission is to help take the mystery out of financial decision-making

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If your goals include financial independence, good health and happiness, contact us.