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Satori Financial is a boutique fee-only financial advisory firm based in San Francisco and works with clients along the tech corridor from Seattle to Silicon Valley. The Firm offers objective financial planning and investment management, with a special emphasis on reinvention. We focus our work on the planning needs of working professionals in pre-retirement and single clients at a transitional stage, particularly those beginning again after divorce. The Firm’s goal is to help clients develop a personal financial strategy that simplifies their financial lives, adapts to a changing environment, and aligns their relationship with money with the personal relationships important to them.

Satori is an independent registered investment advisory firm offering objective strategic advice for investment and personal financial decision-making.  The Firm is regulated under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.  This act established a fiduciary standard to put the client’s interest first and the firm is proud to operate under this standard. As a fee-only advisor, the Firm is compensated for service to you, not for selling particular products or investment strategies.  We are paid only by our clients and offer our allegiance only to them.

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What is "Satori"?

In ancient Japan, the ruling class of samurai warrior believed that a disciplined, meditative life resulted in the ultimate achievement: enlightenment, or "Satori." For the Samurai, being focused amid distraction, fearless in the face of threats, and confident in life was the goal.

Applied to the financial aspect of 21st century living, solid financial planning is a process to help you filter out the distractions, take the fear out of financial decision-making, and balance competing objectives with knowledge. We provide the focus, discipline, and unbiased environment to allow you to develop and execute specific financial actions that address your personal ambitions. "Satori" in the financial realm results in your knowing what steps to take and having the confidence to take them.