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Integrated Planning

Our work with you is ultimately about bringing together the decisions that have brought you to where you are today, with a strategy to move towards what you want next in life. It’s called personal financial advice for a reason: because it’s about you and your family, finances and finding happiness no matter what life doles out, including problems money can’t solve. It’s not therapy, but it’s also not advice that ignores the real struggle to support the right choices for you to build a happy life. We strive to offer you an environment in which taking the necessary and sometimes challenging steps towards aligning your finances with your life goals is supported and encouraged.

You may come to us with specific areas you want to address right away, which we will prioritize, and over the course of our work together, we will work through various aspects of your personal financial situation methodically, incorporating new actions and outcomes as we go, before beginning the cycle again.  We will tend to work through your initial plan development like this:

  1. Analyze your current financial position, free cash flow, identify financial risks and outline your life goals
  2. Develop a risk management plan and prepare a retirement projection
  3. Review your current asset allocation and assess your risk profile
  4. Examine your tax situation and agree on the investment strategy for you
  5. Develop investment recommendations
  6. Review estate plans, intergenerational needs and any charitable intent
  7. Reassess financial position, have cocktails[1]

After your initial plan is in place, meetings will be scheduled at least annually to keep your plan in tune with your life.  Even while your personal plans may not change, economic and tax environments will, and through Integrated Planning you have access to support as needed to address these changes.


[1] Or other celebratory ritual of your choice